The Lil Owl

Athena’s Wise and Winged Companion

We have Valentines Day around the corner, just so I don’t interfere with your festivities, I’m stretching for the full two weeks again… Now that’s established, lets see if i can make this correlation work…

If my wife’s xmas wish list and about 3/4s of the necklaces on Etsy are a good indicator… people still love the sh*t out of owls. So I figure the holiday is supposed to be about loving the sh*t out of something, what better way to manifest that emotion than to ask you to draw it. Now I’m sure there are other angles you could take into account, maybe the lifelong companion thing, maybe the sacrifice for the common good… maybe it’s just the heart shaped face? Regardless of how you got here the only honorable way out now is to draw an owl.

As for descriptors, hell it’s an owl, only it’s greek… what’s that mean, potentially that it has thick hair and makes a mean ass pizza puff… or that it was way into short robes and philosophy… Just know that everywhere Athena was pictured it was pictured too, to the point that eventually Athena didn’t even need to be pictured and the Owl became the her symbol and came to represent the night, wisdom and her uncontrollable hunger for rodents… well maybe not the last part…

As for this Bubo character, he’s the Clockwork version of Athena’s owl from Clash of the Titans forged by Hephaestus and sent to aid Perseus in his quest to save the princess Andromeda… or as I like to call him the Twiki of the titans… you can draw him too if you’d rather.

our judgeOur Judge this week is named Myles he’s a Kindergartner, he likes skylandier, booby-traps and adventures… rumor has it he has his own version of this game that he plays at home called Mixed Beast Wars, which upon hearing almost had me faint from the cuteness. And just in case any of you who have drawn anything to taint his youthful innocence, exuberance or future worldview just know you are horrible people!

judgement Is Complete

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