the Hopkinsville Goblins

Kentucky’s Bug Eyed, Bullet Proof, Bullies From Space

So the tale of the Hopkinsville Goblins has been featured on just about every cryptid show I’ve ever seen on cable. I’m sure it’s partially cause it does a good job of walking the murky border between unknown beast of legend and unknown beast from space. But it’s also got to be partially cause watching a recreation of a bunch of Kentucky hill folk shooting the hell out of their house is insane to comprehend and even more fun to watch!

The tale goes thusly… somewhere round aug 21 1955 (or exactly thereabouts) we find ourselves in rural Kentucky at the homestead of the Sutton/Langford family. A family friend named Billy Ray comes running up to the house claiming to have seen a UFO land behind the farm. As these stories are most usually received even by hill folk, no one believed him and they laughed it off…

Jump forward about an hour later and a glowing silver bodied, bug eyed, wide mouthed, pointy eared and well clawed beast appeared scratching at the front window of the house. At which point, as most normal people would do (don’t worry I know this to be untrue), all the men of the family grabbed their firearms and began blasting the holy hell out of the surrounding area directly through the walls, windows, doors and roof of the house from the inside out. Supposedly this gunfight went on for nearly four hours during which multiple goblins were heard or seen, trying to claw their way into the house seemingly unscathed by the shower of hot lead coming from within.

Eventually the Popo show up, confirm that the house has been shot to bits, investigate the area, find no goblin corpses, space ships or even spare antennae and eventually leave. At which point the family claims the harassment begins anew to the point where they are forced to eventually abandon the home… (some claim they had to leave cause the story brought so many curiosity seekers but Goblins is way more fun)

judgement Is Complete

our judgeOur Judge this week is Mark Albert Hernandez! Mark just finished up a multiple month contract job with me and I can vouch that if any of you need a lil design help, in the prints or the webs, whichever… dude can make short work of some pretty large scale tasks smiling the whole time…. but I’ll let him say it in his own words: “Although I am an occasional pun contributor to twitter for the Comedy Central show “@midnight” and have sometimes been known to produce some serious vocal chops at a local jazz club, I am actually a Visual Communicator with web and print production, marketing, packaging, and material management experience. Having worked with such companies as Coupon Cabin, Plan B Marketing, World’s Finest Chocolate, DePaul University, Playboy and other, I focus on maintaining consistency and creating simple yet premium and professional aesthetics, I have a great attention to detail with the ability to communicate to both clients and team members in a language both can understand. I also specialize in tweaking creatives based on analytics and reporting with the shared goal of increasing revenue and staying true to branding….but really, I’d rather think I’m more funny and more musically inclined than just what is stated above.”

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