The Second Place Leshy Entry

The Leshy Entry # 5

Oh man he looks like he’s about to smurf the hell out of someone with that club! Or maybe that’s just the stern look of someone trying to make you forget that they are standing there in their undies! Always a fan of the cloven hoof, his Dimebag beard is kinda cracking me up and if that bear looked anymore like he was humping that tree, he’s actually have to be humping that tree!

Judge’s Commentary
– In my honest judgment, this odd pairing, between the Leshy and its sworn forest enemy, the bear, highlights the elusive contrast between good and evil. The careful placement of the bear’s left arm creates a sense of mystery, which, connected by the invisible eye-line of the Leshy’s gaze, creates a wonderful illusion of emotion and empathy. Its sexy too, the way bears are sexier when they are being hunted by the Leshy. A beast has gotta eat. The crayon strokes are nice too.

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