The Centaur

The Half Man, Half Horse Who’s All Into Partying!

Now how have we been doing weekly mythical beast drawings for over 2 years and haven’t yet drawn a centaur you ask? Well in all honesty, I thought we did, but searching through the pre-online archives, I found no such battle and since we’ve had a few quiet weeks here recently, figured its time to liven things up with a beast that likey the sauce!

Most simply put, the Centaur is a beast with the head arms and torso of a man and the body(etc) of a horse… and honestly I’m pretty game to see any combo of parts you think worthy. Centaurs were supposedly followers of Dionysus and are famed for their love of the drink. From what I can tell, it would seem that a good percentage of their time was spent behaving poorly at weddings and trying to bed previously spoken for ladies.

If you’re origin curious, the story gets a lil hazy (myth pun for those keeping score) but involves a cat named Ixion, who hads plans involving some sweet lovemaking to Hera, but Zeus swapped in a cloud replica of Hera named Nephele and somehow that union made a king centaur, or Centaurus… then said Centaurus proceeded to mate with a mess of Magnesian mares, and that, as far as I can tell, is how Centaurs are made!

our judgeOur Judge this week is Mary Alice, multiple time MBW Champion, Centaur expert, and manager of Mess, an independent design and development agency, we’re pretty goddamn good: (she said that last part, but if you check out their work I might have to agree)

judgement Is Complete

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