the Krasue

Thailand’s Vampiric Floating But Viscera Laden Head

So I have to be honest, before yesterday I had zero knowledge of this kinda wonderfully disgusting beast, so my apologies if my information is less than 100% accurate. From what I can discern the Krasue is a reasonably widespread legend in Southeastern Asia, with each country having a slightly different story or name. But the main gist is this. She’s a ghostly floating head, trailing a tail of her own exposed internal organs and she’s got a crazy munchy for the living!

Now from what i can tell there are two basic stories, one where the floating head actually has a human body it occupies during the day and only floats out to feed at night and another version where the beast survived some sort of horrific ordeal and the floating bits are all that remain. In either case, the Krasue is cursed with an other wordly hunger and wants to feed, on blood, raw flesh, livestock, babies, amniotic fluid, placentas (it uses an elongated probiscus liek tongue to get these last two)… you get the point and supposedly when none of that is available, it will simply eat poop.

Now extra things to remember, never leave your laundry hanging out after dark or odds are a Krasue will use it to wipe the blood and feces from it’s face upon you finest whites. The best protection from a Krasue is to surround your doors and windows with thorns or barbed wire as those will snag the dangling organs of said beast and ghost or not, no one like’s their organs snagged. And finally after childbirth don’t hang on to that placenta for too long, it’s like hummingbird juice for these things… so take it out of your fridge and bury it in the woods where it belongs!

our judgeOur Judge this week, is new Witchbanger guitarist and old friend, Mr Mark Piotrowski! So first off Mark is a phenomenal guitarist with Chicago metal roots that stretch back to the late 80s when he first played with Johnny in Experiment. But technically all of that pales to the fact that dude has a heart the size of a mountain. His generosity, understanding, humor and cooking are legendary and you’ll be hard pressed to find someone with something negative to say about him. So I proudly welcome Mark, and congratulate him and family on the new addition to theirs!

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