The Third Place Mock Turtle Entry

The Mock Turtle Entry # 2

“It’s a mock turtle in a mock turtleneck” – Well of course it is! And I’m betting not the last we will see of this combo this week! You know, sometimes a turtle needs a lil extra collar warmth without drawing attention to the fact that he now sports multiple chin’s! In other news, I kinda love the scribbly 1970s kids book feel to this guy!

Judge’s Commentary – This one is so intelligent …a mock turtle stuffed into a turtleneck sweater. I, myself find comfort in wearing my turtlenecks up high over my face. there is so much comfort in seeing this guy do the same. Is he sad? Is he embarrassed by his calf-like features? What is he masking? I love the mystery in what we do not see. And lastly, the monotone, scribble rendering is pleasing

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