The First Place Mock Turtle Entry

The Mock Turtle Entry # 8

“toytol fwiendship” – ok so it’s not often I do this but this here is an extraordinary case, I’m fully taking imaginary points away from this one for being too f’ing cute, I mean the eyes, the forward lean of vulnerability with the lil outstretched flipper for balance and what oddly looks like too naked a furry thigh… man… nicely played!

Judge’s Commentary – Yeah…way too freaking cute, but I don’t care. so, i had to go with this one. so many reasons why…his tear-full puppy-dog eyes,that look like they are about to burst into a waterfall…the subdue color pencil rendering that fit so well within the scheme of “wonderland”… the dainty pose and form are perfect…and lastly the fact that he sadly holds onto his cute little friend that appears even more sad than him.

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