The Third Place Old Man Coyote Entry

Old Man Coyote Entry # 4

So many good heads on one beast and with a decent range of eyeballs as well, and dammit if those aren’t some cozy looking moccasins… Also using the twirl as your tween makes for a kind of a nice touch!

Judge’s Comments – I’m always so torn with what to do with these, I mean sometimes I fear the “good” ones scare away the random doodlers, but at the same time it’s not fair to take someone you love for granted… so I think this is a good time to say, While this site was not exactly created for those who go the extra mile, I sure as hell appreciate you playing along. And while i may have liked to see a joke frame in there, I think that it’s about as close to a valid interpretation of a shape shifter as we’re gonna get so nicely played!

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