The First Place Old Man Coyote Entry

Old Man Coyote Entry #7

Hahaha! Very reminiscent of the famed three wolves howling shirt on amazon but who needs the second and third wolf when you’ve got a Sean in a headband… I wonder if you can go to that school from Fame just for Coyote calls? he looks like he deserves at least a shot!

Judge’s Comments – So I guess the counter argument for the Seanist movement would be that it’s a lil “one trick pony”… but i mean if it’s a good trick? what you’re not gonna do it… I mean really? Look at that lil pig nose, which i might add, is, as far as i can tell, just done out of meanness. I think, if it were mine, I’d edit out the coyote, let the subject shine and whatnot, and I’m pretty sure we can all agree it could use a few ferns… But all in all Top Notch!

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