The Second Place Bridge TrollEntry

The Bridge Troll Entry # 1

Man for a lil while I swear all the dudes sporting the Bronson/Old timey strongman look were carrying around apples… I mean… maybe it was just one health conscious bald dude i saw repetitively but the idea of gangs of tonic swilling book tearing preaching the virtues of good squat form and a singlet always makes me smile, and since this drawing made me think of that… even though he has potentially the worst outtie I have seen in eons… he’s in a pretty good place!

Judge’s Commentary – So it’s a lil bit the Wimpy style, gladly paying me tuesday ‘stache… but mostly it’s the raised eyebrowed doubtful gaze over the nose of a dude who doesnt quite have the confidence to play the character his tats portray… I wish you luck in troll prison ya dumb gynecomastia stricken oaf!

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