The First Place Bridge Troll Entry

The Bridge Troll Entry # 6

Sweet! An anti-toll, troll! You know it’s pretty impossible for me to write a caption abouts filthies hobbits feets and not to instinctively just start adding the extra Gollum sss’s… Any ways, kinda great high contrast, troll from the dark ying yang play here, and i love his adorable lil toofess!

Judge’s Commentary – So pretty easy rationale, I said i was rewarding newbies, and what? you doubted me? crazy talk… Anyways Beyond this being this artists first foray into our realm, I kinda dig the morlock living in the shadows, scribble shade feel, I love the giant fungus toed Hobbit foot and I have said for years that there is a considerable shortage of mythical beast themed graffiti in America, so points for that too!

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