The Third Place Bridge Troll Entry

The Bridge Troll Entry # 7

I mean really, can anything that reminds me of the scene in Labyrinth where Ludo sadly sits on the edge of the Bog of Eternal Stench just smelling smells be anything but great? And is that a bib or does he have some turkey style red hangy throat scrotum? Alls I know is that I will indeed, gladly shake that trolly hand sir!

Judge’s Commentary – So right off the bat, points for asymmetry, then it gets the abnormally large bicep points, but finally, this one hits especially close to home as all of those sharp and eye pokey teef and horns are remarkably reminiscent of my giant eyed pug chewing on a curled and pointy rawhide… so many points of potential eye poking, yet so much abandon!

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