The Bridge Troll

Norse Mythology’s Dimwittedest Toll Collector

So, his was Judge Mary Alice’s second choice to do and no chance I’m letting this one slide off forgotten. I’m guessing most all of you have some recollection of the “Three Billy Goats Gruff” the old nursery rhyme telling tale of the virtues of brains over brawn and teamwork… or if you wanna play contrarian, a story about scheming goats exploiting and murdering a less abled sad, hungry and friendless beast …

But so anyways you know this guy… you’ve seen him in your head, waiting under a bridge, being ugly, smelly, potentially hairy, big nosed, looking to eat whatever passes overhead, but not quite being smart enough to make anything happen the way he first envisioned it, and eventually meeting up with the business end of a particularly large goat and plummeting to his doom.

Just to give you a little background on trolls as a whole, they can vary in size from a few inches to nearly a mile high, they live alone or in small families and generally relate and share some visible characteristics to a certain aspect of the landscape, in our case this week Bridges, but it could just as easily be mountains, caves, forests etc. They are almost never mentioned as being helpful, they most definitely eat people and livestock, and deserved or not, they are pretty convinced you should pay them a toll.

judgement Is Complete

I’m trying to garner some newbies so I judged this pooch again, so know that certain things were looked upon favorably, some but not all of which were: early submissions, new artists, usage or ferns, and whether or not it made me laugh! And please pass the word along that being new or having never won previously is for at least the near future probably going to double your chances of winning…

Submissions for the Bridge Troll were due by midnight the evening of April 18th

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