The First Place Dark Lord Entry

The Dark Lord Entry # 7

Well let’s see… first and foremost, just as a heads up I modified your forehead “mark” a wee bit so those of us who walk the Chicago streets don’t have to get capped for affiliations… But beyond that, great vaguely hidden and often double stacked secret symbols. Always a fan of the “no space can escape my lines” technique, good crooked clam/ 1987 Neil Blender drawing mouth and props for using what looks to be a flair! the mightiest pen (of the standard desktop assortment)!

Judge’s Commentary – So a few things helped this guy along, new artist so it’s kinda like he’s earning time and a half… the fact that this devil isn’t allowed any ears with which to hear the cries of suffering, but mostly it’s cause it looks like Cronenberg’s mask from Nightbreed crossed with a giant clam, and since i love both of those things… you win!

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