The Dark Lord

The Mysterious Beast Behind the Darkness

So in keeping with the tradition of only playing sold out or hard to attend venues, Witchbanger, (my band – for those unaware) is playing Three Floyds Dark Lord Fest this coming weekend and this is our freaking 100th mythical beast battle online! So I figure, now’s as good a time as any to pull out the big guns.

The Dark Lord, the Devil, Beezlebub, Lucifer, He Who Can’t Be Named, or if you’d rather Who Walks Behind the Rows, or the Little Prince… oh wait… haha! Anyways, you get the point! Most every culture has one, and they don’ all look like Sauron, sometimes they have tentacles from the murky deep, sometimes they swallow cities whole, sometimes they are a green eyed baby and sometimes they just sneak in your head and whisper bad ideas… or were they always there… haha… 1000 ways to go and I wanna see em all. I just ask that you stay in the spirit of the site and try and make em yours and try and make em fun!

I’m still trying to garner some excitement from outsiders so I’ll be judging and unfairly rewarding newbies, so be sure to tell your mugless friends for me.
judgement Is Complete

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