The Long, Lean and Goat Headed Canadian Sea Serpent

You know so much of a legend’s popularity hinges on a good name, and really there aren’t that many more fun to say than “Ogopogo” Just the way the syllables bounce harkens to a scene where undulating coils of serpent scooch through the waters topped with what would have to be a good natured head, with the single goal of decimating some local fish populations!

First noted by the Aboriginal peoples in Canada, Ogopogo technically predates Nessie sightings by 100 or so years… While Nessie is most often describes as Plesiosaur-ish, Oggie tends to be more of the long undulating prehistoric whale format ala the Basilosaurus. Said to be anywhere from a foot to 4 feet thick and somewhere between 15 and 50 feet long with a head that resembles a goat or a horse. The most fun tellings describe a playful and fun loving beast bouncing and diving through the cold Canadian waters and the most un-fun ones pretty much describe a floating log… but that’s why we have you… you know what sea serpents look like, you know what Canadians look like and I’m pretty sure that’s about as far as I need to hold your hand, so with that I’ll leave you the lil music hall ditty said to be the source of this week’s protagonist’s name

I’m looking for the Ogopogo,
His mother was a mutton,
His father was a whale.
I’m going to put a little bit of salt on his tail.

judgement Is Complete

our judge Our Judge this week was Mrs Lauren Mitchell, She ws a lil late but did a damn fine job…She is long time work cohort, friend and email campaign master… If you want I wrote a better bio the first time she judged here in battle phoenix!

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