The First Place Boggart Entry

The Boggart Entry # 6

“Elevation of Typical Boggart. Not to scale.” – Yes! We’ve never had an elevation chart before! I think my favorite part by far is the fact that there’s an elevation for the sheet wrapping the child, who there is also an elevation for… and technically it would seem, I just like typing elevation… elevation!

Judge’s Commentary – So here’s the deal with this, I’m gonna let the powers of judgement slip back into the hands of others next week, and dammit if Chris hasn’t deserved a win since waaaay back in the days of cactus cat… and dammit while i still have the power I’m giving it to him… Possibly not his strongest artistic effort but dammit it’s unique! And in this world Unique is enough! So that’s that… though I am going to have to ask… just so i have a more thorough imagining… what’s the name of the first favorite child?

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