The Boggart

The Least Helpful English House Spirit

Please note that due to the upcoming holiday, we will be extending battle Boggart to two weeks. And as much as I want them to be related (and maybe you can find a way?), but the term “bogarting a joint” is entirely related to Humphrey’s tendency to let a smoke dangle whilst he talked and not this week’s protaganist.

Now we’ve already touched on a few of the English house spirits, your butter churning Brownie, your dishwashing, clothing hating Hobgoblin even the murderous Redcap sorta fits in this category… But none are quite as stinky, as ugly and seemingly malevolent for no reason as your Boggart.

This is one of my favorite types of beast for imagining as it’s rarely seen. The rough descriptions we have tell tale of a short, squat, smelly, and strong somewhat humanoid beast. And some particularly personalized descriptions (ala your Grizlehurst Boggart)leave you with an image more animal than human with cloven hooves and hairy manes.

So a Boggart in the home is rarely based on eyewitness accounts more often diagnosed by the accumulation of common symptoms: mysterious knockings about in the night, fresh milk going sour, healthy dogs going lame, things going missing, or in extreme cases children go missing. And some Boggarts seem to be especially put off by a good nights sleep as they are rumored to rip covers off comfortable sleepers or place famously clammy hands upon the dreamers face.

Legend has it that if caught early a horseshoe or salt by the door (cause if you’re gonna do something, do it witchy…) have been said to help, but once a property or family has been claimed… well… we’ve all seen Ghoulies… and I dont think we need to say much more than that…

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