The Peryton

The Beast that’s Half Eagle Half Stag and Smells Like a Man

So we have 4th of July around the corner, and being a guy who also enjoys summertime I know better than to fight the current of slack, so we’re letting this run a full two weeks. and since we’re talking the 4th, doesn’t hurt to mention that it’s hard to get manlier or more American than an eagle with stag horns? So you know, do it for your country!

Now technically your Peryton was only mentioned by one famed Argentinian translator, Jorge Luis Borges, in his Book of Imaginary Beings, using a supposedly long-lost medieval manuscript as a source. But that was enough to get it into the Dungeons and Dragons handbook and if it’s good enough for DnD… Hell, who are we kidding? It was good enough for me the moment they said long-lost manuscript!

So now to business, head neck and antlers of a stag, body, wings and feet of an eagle or some equally ferocious raptor. It casts a shadow of a man and is said to smell of the same, (which I’m assuming meant a hell of a lot more when your day consisted of wandering forests and staying downwind of things). Now some images seem to show more of a full grown stag with colorful wings, in more of a Pegasus fashion, so feel free to go that way if you so desire… we don’t really care so long as you draw and it makes us smile!

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