The Pollo Maligno

Columbia’s Hunter Devouring Evil Giant Chicken

So there’s technically very little info that I can find on this week’s beast, but it does have my requirement of at least two unique references on the internets… and really do I need to say much more than giant evil chicken? I certainly hope not.

According to wikipedia The Pollo Maligno is one of several mythical Columbian forest protectors. Who all seem to be targeted at a particular jungle altering type of human. The Evil Chicken, as he is also known, tends to exclusively persecute hunters, drawing them deep into the jungle and then simply devouring them leaving little to no trace… that’s kind of all I know… But I’m pretty sure with what we know about Columbia: their abundance of white drugs, cartels, neck ties and if i recall my movie locations properly, elite teams of muscular mercenaries dead set on doing battle with cloaked alien predators. And what we know about chickens: they’re delicious, feathery and in my experience adorably dimwitted. You should be able to piece something together!

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our judgeOur Judge for Evil Chickens is Old Playboy buddy and red headed, motorbike riding, videographer extraordinaire, Thom Pfiffner. Talented, young, well humored, overstocked with silent letters and he no longer has that pesky gal bladder that holds so many of us back ;).

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