The Second Place Giant Freshwater Octopus Entry

The Giant Freshwater Octopus Entry # 3

Yes! Such sharp teeth and ill intent! Though I’m gonna have to claim that guy is leaning a lil “sharktopus” … but i mean… is there even fault in that? And while I hate em in real life you gotta love the bulbous eyes on a fish drawing!

Judge’s Commentary – Being such a huge fan of the movie Jaws (and Sharktopus), I am a just a sucker for the resemblance. Additionally, the cartoon looking art design is really nice. It takes a different type of art skill to portray an image that is less sketchy and a true cartoon type of illustration. Very nice job here. BTW, just to be clear about my Jaws comment, I only refer to the original; let’s forget about the rest of the sequels.

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