The Giant Freshwater Octopus

Oklahoma’s Towering, Tentacled, Toddler Taking Terror!

So it seems Oklahoma has a pretty high rate of drownings in lots of their larger lakes. Casualties range from toddlers on the banks, veteran fisherman who’ve boated the waters all their lives, to of course the type of group of ne’er do well youths on a weekend camping adventure we’ve followed so often in movies… Anyways lots of folks have disappeared on these bodies of water, and when lots of folks disappear… legends get born…

Said to have a body somewhere around the size of a horse, covered in reddish brown leathery skin with tentacles that are forever long. It would seem our eight armed assailant has not just the hunger for flesh but an unquenchable thirst for suffering as most of, if not all of the beasts victims eventually surface showing bruising similar to what one would see as an undercurrent carried a person through a deep water maze of sticks and rocks… Ooooor if a giant octopus had continually slapped them against a rocky cliff like so many bags of frozen together ice.

Now could the Giant Freshwater Octopus exist and in fact have nothing to do with all the disappearances… sure, I’ll give you that… but in that case I expect your beast to be having one hell of an underwater tea party!

So most of you know what an Octopus looks like, so may i suggest just making that idea bigger and don’t forget they can do that crazy skin changing color trick and shoot ink clouds… As for what Oklahoma looks like… meh no idea… but from my description up above, it seems to be a watery murder filled hellscape… so you know I trust you can figure it out!

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our judgeI dug deep in my address book this week and pulled out one hell of a celebrity Judge, Former CTO for Playboy Enterprises and now teamed up with a telecom superstar to create a damn fine cloud solution in RootAxcess… Those of you who know him, know he’s a crazy nice guy and those of you who don’t… well trust me he’s one hell of a nice guy who always looked out for his own and was well loved by his employees. Now will he be a good judge of octopi? Well that’s pretty much up to you so get to doodling! Please feel free to include your own caption with your entry, I may add a word or two but I’ll try to stay true to your original intent!

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