The White Worm

The Giant Wormy Ice Pirate With Eyes Made of Blood

It’s Summertime, all of us tend to be enjoying activities of some kind or another and I know it’s harder to find time to draw when, you’re not actually bored or held captive by weather… so I’m trying to make these next ones easier in a few ways… I’m giving you two weeks again, and our beast this time, is at it’s simplest interpretation, a giant iceberg captaining maggot! And I’m relatively confident all of you can draw a maggot.

Technically our protagonist this week is known by Rlim Shaikorth. He Comes from the mind of Lovecraft’s bud, Clark Ashton Smith, as part of his additions to the Cthulhu Mythos, and it appears in his “Hyperborean” cycle of stories. But for simplicity sake, we’re going with the more commonly used “White Worm” mostly cause i have no idea how to pronounce a “l” that falls after an “r”…

Now the physical description is pretty simple, he’s a giant white worm with a gaping maw and drops of blood for eyes. For the setting, perhaps you’s like to include his giant floating ice fortress called Yikilth that he can pilot like a ship and attack ships, shorelines, entire villages and the like with incredible blasts of cold. Which according to Wikipedia leaves his victims “frozen solid, their bodies appearing eerily white, and remain preternaturally cold—they will not melt nor warm even when exposed to fire.” But if you’d rather him playing beach volleyball or nibbling on some summer melons… I’m not complaining.

So get to it! We’re obviously hurting for contributors these last few weeks so know all levels of talent are welcome and my recommendation is always draw fast, draw early and bask in the of your accomplishment for the rest of the time!

judgement Is Complete

our judgeI went old timey this week and our judge this week was you the fans on Facebook, if you haven’t liked us yet feel free to check it out and do so as it’s the easiest way to keep up with the day to day happenings, and thanks again for all who played…. Now lets draw some monsterous octopids!

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