The Second Place Pollo Malingo Entry

The Pollo Malingo Entry # 8

Our artist was worried that they may had strayed a bit off assignment… so let me address those fears by saying please don’t ever worry about straying off assignment… Also don’t say assignment cause it reminds me that I hated the part of art school where people told me what to draw, which really when you think about it makes me pretty stupid for running this site… But hey we aint judging me, we’re judging Killer Columbian Chickens… which in this case come with some pretty sweet third world cybernetics (you can tell cause they still have antennae duh)

Judge’s Commentary – I, for one, welcome our new Bionic-Chicken overlords. I can only throw myself at your razor talons and plead mercy for the 3 tons of buffalo wings I’ve eaten in my life, it’s not my fault you taste so damn good!

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