The Free For All

For Two Week’s Only: Draw Any Beast From the Archives!

So here’s the deal, I’m going to reorganize some stuff in hopes of encouraging participation. In the meantime, you’re going to want your beast count as high as you can get it. Here’s your chance to finish that one you never got back to, or the great idea you had but you were so high you forgot until now, or if you just came late to the party and are super bummed that you never got to submit a woodbooger or a naked hobgoblin, well here’s your chance, we’ll collect all the new ones and pick our winners here, and the new beasts will join the old in their respective archives for perpetuity!

Now we’ve done over 100 beasts, and Itnet1, Lil Katie and Sneurat have come close but other than me no one’s done all of em so I know this is enough to keep most of you busy, and for the reeeeaaaly lazy here’s a link to all the archived beasts!

judgement Is Complete

our judge Our Judge this week was Carol Calihan, my mother in law, a friend and long time beast drawing veteran (see her archives here) Been a while since we’ve seen her submitting so I wanted to get her and her sweet mind bending creations back in the game!

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