The Second Place Nagumwasuck Entry

The Nagumwasuck Entry # 11

Ha even hideous barrel chested, potentially hitler stached and entertainingly skinny limbed Nagumwasucks deserve a nice schvitz on occasion right? Also I’m entertained that the man boobs are so saggy yet the nipples so perky!

Judge’s Commentary – This entry speaks to my inner child who wants to believe in faeries…. clearly the artist was channeling Danny DeVito – a kind and generous comedic talent who happens to be vertically challenged and less than conventional in his appearance. Could Danny DeVito be a REAL Nagumwasuck? To paraphrase Peter Pan, “I do believe in faeries. I do believe in faeries” — if I truly believe then I have to recognize and reward the brilliant vision of the artist who thinks that Danny DeVito in a Russian bath house, could be a real, live Nagumwasuck. Kudos for thinking in terms of real-life application of the theme.

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