The Third Place Nagumwasuck Entry

The Nagumwasuck Entry # 8

Now I’m just gonna splain this one meself as I have a bit of inside intel, at it’s heart its a much larger than life papa smurf sculpture that marks the front of someones lakehouse up north, while horribly dated, every time i see it i smile and laugh cause you know, they thought of all the things in the world, you know what says “me” most of all… a four foot papa smurf!!!…and to their credit, in this case, I think wood is much friendlier than stone… but back to our story… my wife has had to listen to me whine about lack of submissions all week and while not as doodly as i generally prefer, through some combo of phone aps and instagram filters, she made us this lil scribbled Stephen King Nagumwasuck (that’s obviously what the glasses mean duh) which i thoroughly appreciate!

Judge’s Commentary – Demonstrating the evolution and camouflaging ability of the Nagumwasuck in the 21st century and I am particularly appreciative of the incorporation of smurfs given their socialist origins — considering that the Nagumwausuck is Native American in origin and many of the first nation tribes worked together in what essentially were socialist communities, I think this entry is effective in capturing the origins and evolution of the Nagumwausuck. Nicely done.

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