The Second Place Baba Yaga Entry

The Baba Yaga Entry # 11

You know i think it’s the architectural aspects of this I like the best, I mean the balance of that hut on that drumstick of a beam is pretty amazing, and how often do you see a witches skull fence assembled so precisely, usually they are just a terrible assortment of jutting arms and silent screams… and while i could continue to expound on the structures, let’s be honest… the fact that her jet broom seems to be up her butt is pretty funny too!

Judge’s Commentary – Thank Gorbachev I never tried to ding dong ditch at this house. Even If I got past the bone strewn entrance & managed not to go spelunking in that Baba Yagas pitch black fang hut, Im not in the best of shape to climb up a giant chicken leg(way too much beer). Also you’d never catch me getting into a staring contest with those eyes. Great job on including all the characteristics of the Baba Yaga!

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