The First Place Baba Yaga Entry

The Baba Yaga Entry # 12

Ooh! Good pelvis forward witch’s slouch! So this one came with an adorable story about learning about the legend of the Baba Yaga counting spoons in third grade as evidenced by the drawing of the hut by a third grade version of our artist here… And since i think that’s kinda bad ass, I won’t even ridicule you for being way too good at this!

Judge’s Commentary – Who was it that said “A spoonful of medicine helps the children go down”? I forget, but this drawing captures all the prep work that goes on behind the scenes in Baba Yaga’s lair. By the look of her eyes either she is really lonely or just sick of counting those damn spoons over & over again. Nice work on the level of detail & artistry skills!

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