Beasts In Costumes

Draw Any Mythical Beast Dressed up for Halloween!

This Friday (as well as everyday, duh) is Halloween! The night when everyone from children to slutty bar folk get to dress, well let’s be honest here, probably the way that most of them would prefer to dress always! So I figure why not let you guys have free reign for a week. Draw a Beast, any beast (so long as it’s mythical) and have it dress up festively for the holiday.

Now my dream is that everyone draws a beast dressed as another beast, but that seems as the phrase goes… hard. So you know make it sexy, make it hideous, make it funny… and be sure to tell me what it was supposed to be when you send it in! Let’s let this one be less about me describing it and more about the doodles so… On your marks, get set, draw!

judgement Is Complete

our judge Our Judge this week is Katie Binger! I know her as the friendly “hello” at my dentist’s office but the world should know here as an actress, most at-home in the world of make-believe. Magic, myths, makeup, and mayhem are her specialties. So let’s make her proud kids!

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