The First Place Beast Out of the Entry

The Beast Out Of The Sea Entry # 4

Yes! Dear lawyers of the beast, please move along, nothing to see here… well unless you wanna talk about how bad ass our artist made your boss look… then you’re free to hang… Also I could be wrong but I’m gonna gamble that, that there is the mightiest paw we’ve ever seen in these parts!

Judge’s Commentary – First Place! “The Beast Of Buffering” aka “The Beast Of Torturous Customer Service” G Brookens has truly had a vision of the end of times. Based on all the theories the Devil/Anti-Christ will ingrain himself into society to destroy it. I feel that Comcast can really get us to Armageddon. Anyone just has to
spend time waiting on hold and/or talking to their customer support to know they are the embodiment of pure evil. It all makes perfect sense now. We have seen the face of the Beast and they will charge you $8 monthly modem fees just to be an extra evil douche.

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