The Second Place Phantom Kangaroo Entry

The Phantom Kangaroo Entry # 11

How cool is it that he’s too stoned to properly emote viciousness but somehow still with it enough to punctuate his own talk bubble quite effectively! And while I think that’s a duck in that lil jeans pocket sized pouch … I’m secretly hoping its a platypus, cause generally platypuses make most things better.

Judge’s Commentary – This was a close 2nd. It’s like a stoned version of a phantom kangaroo, The heavy stoner eyes are my favorite part.. the fact that he’s speaking like he just took a puff of his pipe and his chunky curved fingers look like they are suppose to scare a lil kid, the large nostril hole that says “I’m ready to rumble” AND I, like Chip would like to think this is a platypus in the front pouch, what a cool creature!

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