The Fur-Bearing Trout

North America’s Fuzziest Fish

Now this is either going to be the most boring and unvaried of weeks or absolute genius… only you kids can make that distinction. So you know dig deep and remember there are a hell of a lot of hairstyles out there…

The Fur-Bearing trout is a species of fish that is capable of growing a thick furry coat to keep itself warm in the frigid winters of the northern regions of America and Canada.

Now some of you may stop here and say, “hey fish are cold blooded, they don’t have to stay warm?… and also… isnt this just another taxidermist’s trick?” to which i will counter: “just cause they don’t have to, doesn’t mean they don’t want to… and secondly, where’s your sense of disbelief kid? Maybe you’d like to ruin my birthday next…jeeeze…

So back to our story… the Fur-Bearing or Beaver Trout is rumored to be found as far west as Montana and as far north as … well pretty much from what I can tell as far north as fur covered fish go. Now there are several reasons given as to how these beasts evolved, my favorite involving an enormous, environment altering, hair tonic spill that followed tributaries and migration patterns to effect the notoriously sensitive trouts. Another involves a theory that many species of northern trout grow coats out of necessity once the lakes are so frozen that a ice fisherman’s auger will no longer suffice and simply shed their coats by the time spring and the bulk of fisherman return…

Now like Jackalopes, there are so many fakes out there, its hard to discern what exactly one of these guys really looks like beyond saying a Hairy Trout… So I leave the rest to you!

judgement Is Complete

our judgeSo I was shooting for the stars for a fish judge this week, and it didn’t quite have the time needed to come together … so we’re letting my bud and occasional doodler (and don’t forget chief mbw site build encourager) Cody and his dog sweaters judge, it came as short notice, so possible judgement will come a lil late but I bet it will be pretty good So hang tight!

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