The Hidebehind Entry # 1

The Hidebehind Entry # 1

Yes the ol’ sneak ‘n’ slash! First off, great plaid! Secondly look at the freaking size of that chainsawing arm! that thing is a marvelous tree trunk in itself and third, anyone else seeing the worried owl made from the abs and beast boobs on the front of the Hidebehind?… I saw it once, and now cant unsee it, and I’m not sure but it may add an even deeper quality!


  1. chip says:

    I’m just moving this here as it got applied to wrong post initially
    wizzpizz says:
    November 17, 2014 at 8:06 pm • Edit

    Worried owl. Very cool. Touching its wingtips together. I see it and I like it

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