The Hidebehind

The Never Seen, Natural Predator of Lumberjacks

So we already know I have an unnatural fascination with fearsome critters and other lumberjack lore… but this guy’s one of my favorites as he is the living embodiment of the old adage of the monster unseen… (is the scariest monster there is… just in case)!

Now technically there is no description of the Hidebehind, as no one has ever seen one and survived. So here’s what you have to go on… they are fast, or magical or some such sh*t as they can be heard, but the moment one turns around to check they have already moved behind your new field of view. And seeing as they feast on human flesh, the odds are, if you do catch a glimpse you aren’t living to tell anyone.

So that’s what ya got, I mean you generally know that creatures in Lumberjack country are hairy, feathery and clawed, and you know that they have to have some method of downing a rough n tumble tree killer. Options that spring to mind are blowgun, brute force or mind control. And we know they love the flavor of people and have been blamed for countless woodland disappearances. So I leave the rest up to you!

judgement Is Complete

our judgeOur Judge this week was me, Chip, your not always so humble host and beast drawing encourager! I’ve been bust trying to line up some future judges and keep slacking on the judges for current weeks so for that I apologize but i like to judge ever so often just to make myself feel special anyways… you should try… really… send me a note at the submissions email I gladly let you judge. anyways I went with the simple formula of what made me laugh the most this week, results are down below!

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