The First Place Mantygre Entry

The Mantygre Entry # 12

So there are 4 individual traits that I absolutely love here, first the crazy unnatural length of his arms and tail, two the half dead stare of something that will never truly listen, three the beard meant for another mans face and finally the mother f’ing doubled up umlauts!

Judge’s Commentary – Well, despite my best efforts to remain aloof about cats and “cat people” (the irony of my cat like lack of enthusiasm here isn’t lost on me), this Mantygre Crest really spoke to me. Could I possibly relate more to cats and cat like beasts then I’d prefer to admit? Lets break it down:

1) Meow Purr – beginning with the use of umlots here, which to me, gives the average word a certain amount of added “oomph” that I’m drawn too…Mantygre means business and what he’s saying is: MEOW (Yes, this IS what I want) and PURR (I LOVE IT). Gotta respect and admire the simplicity of the Mantygre’s sentiment here.

2) The friend beard – This isn’t any old cat man, this is the cat man of my people. These days my bearded friends seem to outnumber my less… hirsute friends, therefore, logic says this cat would probably be a friend of mine if our paths were ever to cross. Dammit.

3) The vacant gaze – See that look? That’s the EXACT same blank stare I have when you tell me something I don’t want to hear. Could this cat be more like me than I care to admit? I dunno, put me next to this crest when you start telling me how to properly slice a carrot, and make the comparison yourself!

4) Ball of yarn/tongue combo – The yarn makes Mantygre more catlike then his beard lets on, but still I find myself relating…The yarn, to me, signifies the desire to “play” with something, ANYTHING, rather then be told what to do. The tongue confirms this. Think about it, there are really only a few reasons we stick our tongues out…rasberries, catching snowflakes, tasting something or…to aid us in focusing on something we’re working on. In this case I feel like the tongue falls into the latter category saying, “I’d rather focus on tossing this ball of yarn up and down obsessively then listen to what your saying.” And to this final statement I say, Amen!

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