The Third Place Mantygre Entry

The Mantygre Entry # 14

Dammit I love when they’re open mouthed! It opens up so many plot opportunities… like maybe he’s just sloth-like yelling “Hey you guys!” out over the abyss? or maybe as his beard suggests he’s midway through his people’s signature phrase of “snarf”? Also, those eyes is creepy!

Judge’s Commentary – This Mantygre seems to be enjoying himself more then most, which I appreciate. The open maw and wide eyed enthusiasm for whatever perch he seems to be clinging too, made me instantly chuckle. And again, with the “friend beard, ” which seemed to sway my judgement this week. Also, a little bit, the first thing I thought of when I looked at this submission was, “what’s this mancat digging his claws into?” And being somewhat familiar with the habits of most common housecats and there owners, I inevitably imagined that it had attached itself lovingly to the head of it’s human doppleganger. And when my mind wanders that much from one drawing, you’d better believe that you’re going to rank as one of my top three picks!

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