The Squat Egyptian Protector of All That is Good and Beardy

Bes is kind of unique in the world of ancient Egyptian mythology. Usually a canon so full of soul weighing and afterlife sorting, when you come across one who’s short, fat, and comical who’s main goal seems to be making unattended babies laugh, you almost feel like you’ve missed a page. But my books and wikipedia are still claiming he’s old world egyptian, so we’re going with it!

So there are several differing descriptions ranging from a lion reared up to a hirsute miniature egyptian sasquatch, but since we’ve just done the Abominable Snowman and this ain’t “Reared Up Lion Drawing Wars”, we’re going with the following:

Starting from the top we’ve got an awkwardly large plume of feathers poking from what could either be a lions mane or from what ive seen something akin to Dar’s hair in Beastmaster (seen a bunch of sculptures with head wraps too), add to that some awkward protruding ears, a squashed pug nose and the kind of beard that you could build a cabin in. Now finish it all off with an especially rotund dwarf sized body with lions tail (for some reason I cant discern, lots and lots of potrayals have him in some sort of bikini bottom so roll with it if you’d like ).

Now keep in mind he cant be so fat that he can’t dance as dancing’s what Bes’s do best, well that and lyre and tambourine playing… or demon chasing… or the previously mentioned unattended baby comedian… I mean mostly he’s like a short, hairy, egyptian Mary Poppins and i bet you don’t really need more than that!…

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