The Flying Heads

The Iroquois Tribe’s Winged, Torsoless & Undead Monsters with Tangled Hair and a Taste for People

So the origin story on these guys is all over the board, so let’s suffice it to say something dramatic happened ala mass murder, betrayal of tribal law, cannibalism etc and from it’s horror was birthed The Flying Heads or as they are sometimes know the Big Heads, or Whirlwinds.

Basically what we’ve got here are giant floating disembodied heads with glowing fiery eyes (sometimes with wings sometimes without). Said to be about as tall as a man from chin to scalp, covered in tangled messy hair that ends in talons or claws or has the look thereabouts or hell maybe its just hard to see tentacles on a giant floating head in the dark? … I trust you can figure it out… But know this, they thirst for blood or vengeance, they fly around being big, being scary and my guess is without pants.

judgement Is Complete

our judgeOur Judge this week was Arturo Valle, Filmmaker/DJ/Artist, Star Wars nerd, toy collector, French new wave film enthusiast (see even I wanna know more about that last one) and I’ll add a really, really nice guy… Check out his site at by his own definition the site has art, entertainment, music, video games, original content, and girls.

And thanks to everyone for playing!

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