The Third Place Jackalope Vs Leprechaun Entry Tie2

Jackalope VS Leprechaun Entry # 10

HahA I’m not even sure I know what they are doing but I sorta want in? Wait… dammit is this a dance off? I mean if so, the intensity in their faces can only mean one thing… this is a dance to the death!

Judge’s Commentary – So usually discourage ties in judging, but dammit given my criteria of most violent and if you follow the formula of intense gazes carrying the same weight as punches, these two might end up looking like they just acted in the last round in Rocky!


  1. g ball says:

    That is amazing. I’m a huge fan of sneurat’s work. Is it a dance off?

  2. chip says:

    Humorously, according to the artist… no…. this was intended as a mortal combat style full contact fight…only she used pen and drew the kick in post spin rotation hence our befuddlement… I still Like it as a dance off!

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