Jackalope VS Leprechaun

The Battle For Our Hearts, Our Luck and Our Liquor!

So it’s been pretty dead round these parts for a few weeks, gonna try and bring back two ever popular beasts and face em off in a battle of… well technically that’s your call… in some sort of battle, or merely a friendly competition… hell maybe it’s even a cooperative effort… just make sure you include some part of both of em.

For those of you who need legit descriptions please see the original battles for these guys Jackalope here and Leprechaun here.

For those of you who, like me, prefer to swim in the muddy waters of vaguery, we’ll just say this: Both probably weigh somewhere in the neighborhood of what like 15-20 lbs, one is considerably more Irish than the other and one is a lot more hirsute and hornier. Both fit well into the nooks and crannies of a wood or thicket, and are notoriously tough to spot. Both are said to bring good luck. Both tend to like shiny metallic things and are known to over consume alcohol. And while Jackalopes can only reproduce by making love in a thunderstorm, Ive seen more than a few St Patty’s day shirts that claim leprechauns do it all the time.

That should do it and before you even ask, yes, competitive cuddling is more than a valid VS theme in my eyes.

Oh and I knew this week’s subject sounded vaguely familiar, turns out the Ames Bros had a Leprechaun vs Jackalope shirt design years ago… just figured I’d mention that so credit goes where it is due…

judgement Is Complete

our judgeYou know I’m judging this week, cause I can, and cause I wanna give a good example of judging with a singular reason… this week is simply the mom disappointing criteria of “Most Violent”… so please read on!

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