The Third Place Aswang Entry

The Aswang Entry # 1

No no no… I’m just an inoffensive to most, slightly abstract, nude, human form popularized by furniture stores nationwide. By no means am I disguised in hopes of passing through unnoticed and secretly here to rend your baby from its womb for it’s delicious liversss. What, may I ask, ever gave you that idea?

Judge’s Comments – I was torn between #1, #4 (Grimace and his friend are totally creepy), #6 (“I Want To Suck Your Bloooooduh”) and #8 (I’m scared of this guy? I don’t think so. Somebody needs a hug.). But this first entry is captivating in its loveliness, and is that a bosom I see? Is this a female aswang? She’s like an illustration of a George Balanchine ballerina, except her version of Black Swan is going to fuck everyone up, not just her. Her limbs tell a story, her neck is long and graceful, she is exquisite on pointe. A vision.

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