The First Place Aswang Entry

The Aswang entry # 10

You know maybe it’s the recent batch of bitter cold, but footless and varicosed, life sucking, aardvarks aside, I feel this is the kinda spore laden, psych feeling, soft edged and paper white skied kinda joint i wouldn’t mind taking a walk in right about now!

Judge’s Comments – Wow. Just wow. Is this how vibrant and psychedelic the world appears when you have the proper nutrients of livers and babies? Is this the cover from a lost 13th Floor Elevators album? Is that Little Miss Riding Hood? This picture could inspire Tim Burton to make a movie about the Aswang, starring Johnny Depp no doubt. Such a proper beast, with a bow tie, tucked in shirt and are those lederhosen? His hair make me feel like the Nazis not only found refuge in Argentina but the Phillipines, check out that deep side part and impeccable combover. Delightful.

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