The Second Place Aswang Entry

The Aswang Entry # 3

Well that’s officially creepy as sh*t… Though I almost feel like really fast hummingbird wings woulda been a better option here

Judge’s Comments – Generally my taste is art is like a 14 year old hesher boy…anything that looks like it can be on the side of a conversion van or the next High on Fire album meets my aesthetic needs. Here it is. It’s complex though, she appears to be enjoying it, or dead, or just really high or on Xanax. And let’s be honest, those boobs! She’s pregnant so I guess there’s a reason, but my god the feminist discourse on her closed eyes, open mouth and turned head would fill many a chat room. (Do chat rooms still exist?) The creature himself, he reminds me of Angel on Buffy, and by that I mean so much fucking remorse! Oh lord the sadness at the deed that must be done. He gently places his hand on her face to turn it away so she doesn’t see it happen. Then there’s that greasy strand of hair ala LOTR’s Golum. Somebody call Matt Pike!

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