the Aswang

the Shapeshifting Filipino Vampire that Eats Babies Through a Straw!

So first off, aren’t you a lil bit impressed we’ve waited 130 some weeks to do this, knowing this beast has both the words “Ass” and “Wang” in it’s name?

That aside, I assume a few of you caught the episode of “Grimm” featuring a baby slurping grandmotherly version of this beast, but for those unaware, here’s the basic story. Aswangs are a Filipino myth. They are considered shape-shifters as they can take all number of shapes, from averagely human to so thin and lanky that they can hide behind a stalk of bamboo. Generally though they spend their days as humans and save their Aswanging for the evenings.

They are considered vampires as they feed off the life energy (or organs) of living things. And most entertainingly are famed for using a long mosquito like proboscis to steal babies, organs, whatever’s in there from sleeping victims… It gets a lil confused as to whether they go right up the ol love canal (kids ask your parents!), in through the belly button or right through the side of the belly so we’ll just say all are accurate. And humorously since they are vampires, they still seem to be frightened of garlic, crucifixes, decapitation… and all your standard vampire hunting gear.

And if you need a bunch of random extras: they are said to constantly make a “tik tik” noise, on occasion they are said to replace the cadavers of their victims with animated wooden replicas that live long enough to go home, get sick and die. And in some odd Aswangian honor code they will never attack their neighbors. So that’s it! go forth and draw!

judgement Is Complete

our judgeOur judge this week is an old work cohort of mine from way back, Millicent Souris. Nowadays she’s a professional cooker and baker of things, author, teacher working out on the east coast. Maybe she’ll send us a link to buy her cookbook, maybe she wont. She’s that kinda lady… but know this much, both mentally and physically, she will absolutely crush you at arm wrestling! Judgement is posted below!

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