Merman VS Sea Hog

Like Animal Farm of the Sea

ThisTimeWinnerGetsShirtSo heads up I’m letting this one go two weeks again and I’m going to try and throw another shirt in the mix for the winner this time to see if that pulls anyone out of the inky depths!

I think the last VS battle had some good energy and since forever ago, that was one of the intended directions of this nonsense game we play, we’re going to try again. And this time I suppose we get to see who’s eating who for Seaster Dinner!

For those unfamiliar with these two beasts, please feel free to check out the original weeks for Merman here and Sea Hog here! And for those less fond of research and reading, both are part fish, one is part man, one is part hog and both have been spotted by sea faring folks for as long as said folks have fared the seas!

Now they don’t need to be fighting (or dancing) to the death, but they do need to be in some sort of competitive or I suppose, cooperative effort… Undersea checkers? Networked Mario Cart? Blubber wrestling? Really wet t shirt contests? We don’t care so long as you make it briney and make it fun!

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