The Kraken 2015

By Special Request We Are Re-Releasing the Kraken!

So almost exactly three years ago we brought what used to be an in-office friday afternoon game amongst friends, online. Since we opened it up to the masses… there’s something insane like 2800 beast drawings, from over 300 various contributors.

I’m still trying to find some sweet spots, like how much time you kids need, whether you need prizes or just how the hell to motivate you all… So when a kind of unique opportunity that came my way, I figured we’d try something slightly different this round.

Most of you chicagoland music folks know about Reggies, but for those of you who don’t, its kind of the perfect blend of record store, bbq joint and venue. They’ve always been remarkably nice to Witchbanger and friends and I’m yet to have a bad night there. So when johnny (Jackalope and Witchbanger) came to me saying one of the talent buyers needed a kraken image for a flag to represent his buddies boat… I thought… self!… this is kinda what we do! And since we launched this pooch with the giant squid/kraken as battle # 1, its a damn nice way to celebrate our anniversary!

Here’s the info I got with the initial request:
“We are the Kraken, the black sheep on the water! I want to get something rad going to represent it, maybe something for our flag and if it’s cool enough I wanna make some screen prints of it… I was thinking something based on the old Clash of the Titans Kraken mixed with a freak mind concept to make it new while keeping the old style intact.”…

And for those of you who don’t know, the Kraken was a giant sea beast/titan spawned from Oceanus and Ceto and eventually kept as a pet by Poseidon, its tentacles so large and strong they can pull ships under and crush cities in a single stroke, their maw is filled with razor sharp teeth and the 1981 Creature from the Black Lagoon/Giant Squid hybrid version in the movie impressed the hell out of lil 8 year old me with its no bones and Pegasus swatting action!

Now with the request to potentially screen print said image I’m going to ask that if you want to win you keep the colors somewhat limited, but beyond that do your worst! I’ve got beast shirts, our judge Brendan’s got Reggie’s shirts, or Reggie’s bucks, so we’ll try our best to make the winner feel loved, you’ve got two weeks!

judgement Is Complete

our judgeAs previously mentioned our Judge this week was Brendan from Reggies Chicago. Maaaaaybe it came a lil late… but I get it, it was kinda of an odd set up on my end he was trying to get consensus with a group judgement… and from experience, that’s damn near impossible. So I’ll take what we get when we get it and like it! Oh and always remember Reggies is a pretty great place to eat, drink, rock and enjoy.

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