The Third Place Harpy Entry

The Harpy Entry # 9

Oh man there’s a lot to love here! starting with found paper, into the strawberry sized nipples on the seemingly pendulous but collarbone mounted breasts, and given that torrent of rapid fire poop, what I can only imagine is a double barreled anus! Good stuff, And I’m especially entertained with the choice of rendering what appears to be the chairs from Pottery Barn’s “rustic farmhouse collection” in this setting… a very nice first showing!

Judge’s Commentary –
So for third it came down to # 8 and #9 both being from newbies, so we’re even there, Both have about the right feel of free wheeling fun, and a slight leaning toward avoiding direction… which still leaves us about tied so it comes down to who brings more poop to the table, and well, that’s pretty obvious. (btw the world’s largest drumstick didnt hurt either)


  1. Wizzpizz says:

    And the mullett

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