The First Place Nue Entry

The Nue Entry # 6

So in order to remain truly transparent (and ’cause it helps explain my point) I should explain that i sit very close to this artist on a daily basis and dammit if she didn’t cheerfully and quietly narrate, each new element to this as it was created… “…and here’s the arrows coming from MT Fuji…” I mean how can you not love that! Plus that’s a damn fine stern monkey face on that dark cloud!

Judge’s Commentary – For a few simple reasons, first it tells a much more complete story than most of the others… now whether that story reads “sad blue cloud monkey poop floods mountain valley” well i think that’s up to interpretation. Second cause I know this artist has wanted to draw for a long time and finally gathered the courage to join in, and courage should generally be rewarded, and third cause those lil caterpillar tiger feet are F’ing amazing!

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