The Second Place Nue Entry

The Nue Entry # 7

Well dammit I wanna poke a lil fun at your obvious talent, but that is some beautiful furry beasting, and all are welcome, so I’m just gonna let you being good at this slide this time :) Plus you bring up a pretty valid point: having a self aware snake as a tail might suck! Imagine waking up from a good winters nap and realizing one of your feet is half digested in the belly of your own tail!

Judge’s Commentary – Now I may not always give the win to the most technically great, but I’ll most def give a bit of recognition where it’s deserved, cause I’m not even sure how that color was done with all the fine fur lines intact… so that better be digital paint, cause if you pulled that off with cante crayons or the like, you’re an ass! 😉

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